Make big data work for a better world

Want to sink your teeth into terabytes of data?

Eneco strives to help keep the earth liveable with our One Planet Plan: to be climate-neutral by 2035. And our fast-growing team of Data Experts play a decisive role in that effort. That’s because, thanks to their analyses and innovations, we and our customers can dramatically reduce our CO2 emissions. So, join us, and put your mind to work for the future of our planet.

Be part of a new era

The Dutch energy system consists of a rapidly increasing amount of renewable assets, ranging from batteries and electric vehicles to wind farms. We need smart calculation models and intelligent algorithms to accurately control our assets, which in turn helps us and our customers become climate neutral.
And that’s where you come in. As a Data Expert, you work with a broad fleet of data from households, wind farms, demand and the grid. Together we can accelerate the transition to a climate-neutral future.
‘What I really like about my job at Eneco is that I work with gigantic amounts of data to positively impact climate change and people’s lives.’


Lead Data Scientist

Create innovative solutions

There are two things that drive our change: we want to protect our climate and we want to help solve the energy crisis. One of the solutions our data experts have developed is an advanced service based on an AI-driven model, which offers customers real-time information on their gas and electricity usage and shows them how they can save energy.
What started as a small-scale test using a limited set of data has been scaled up into a full-flung functionality hosted in the Eneco mobile app, helping as many as 700,000 users reduce their energy bill.

Add value to your career

Help accelerate the energy transition

The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Eneco is at the forefront of the energy transition and we want to strengthen and expand this position.

Team up with the best (and the kindest)

Join forces with an international team of highly skilled tech experts – from Product Owners to UX Designers – who look after each other and work together to move the transition forward.

Work with the latest tools

At Eneco, you’ll work with big data, and that means proven technology like Spark, Databricks and AWS. But you’ll also be working in a field that is developing at a rapid pace. So, you’ll have plenty of room to develop your skills and learn to work with new tools.
‘At Eneco, we have a lot of data-related pilots. It’s very interesting because you can work on new technologies, new data sets, new problems – and new solutions.’


Data Scientist

Lead the way

The one word that best describes what it’s like working at Eneco? Autonomy. Together, you and your colleagues will decide for yourselves how to approach your analysis and solution development. And you’ll do it all in a horizontal organisation: good ideas quickly get the go-ahead so, you can take faster steps towards a sustainable future.

This is your moment

Use your digital skills today to accelerate the energy transition. Come work at Eneco.


Vincent, Chief Digital Officer: ‘I have been in the energy transition for 20 years, but now it’s real. The technology is there, the data is there, and the customers are there. Now is your time to join.’

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