After the first rotation of my experience as a trainee, I was looking to find out how the Eneco Energy Trade (EET) can best collaborate with other departments of the organization, so as together to make sure that Eneco serves the power needs of its customers. I got such an opportunity by joining the Sourcing & Pricing (S&P) team.

Working at the interface between departments

The S&P can be described as the interface between the EET and the Sales departments. In simple words, it is responsible to register the customers’ demands and make sure that the EET sources the right amount of power at the lowest price for them. As a member of the team, I had the chance to get in-depth knowledge about how power travels from generation till final

consumption and how the system’s technical restrictions play a role in forming a price for electricity. Supported by colleagues of diverse expertise, one thing is for sure: no question remained unanswered. But it was more than the knowledge gains that I enjoyed within the S&P. During my project, I collaborated with various teams of Eneco and gained good overview of the organization’s structure and range of activities.

The solar challenge

By the time I joined S&P, the team was facing a new reality: the integration of solar photovoltaics has changed the consumption pattern of households and businesses. Customers rely more and more on own solar generation in order to cover their electricity needs. Since the exact sunshine timing is quite hard to forecast, it becomes difficult to predict how much power and when should Eneco supply electricity to them. It was during this project when I realized what ‘everyone’s sustainable energy’ really means. My goal was to identify the new consumption patterns and help EET source power accordingly, while still offering attractive products to its customers. Throughout this effort, a few challenges emerged. Acquiring enough data and helping the IT team to develop solutions of auto-updating our bases was sure one of them. The most interesting one though, was to make sure that all the involved departments share the same level of understanding of the sourcing and pricing process and together work towards the same goal. By the end of my assignment, I was happy because I helped the team adjust its Sourcing & Pricing activities to the new world of flexible generation as well as because of the way I further grew as a professional.