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  • You translate the Eneco business strategy into the required data architecture.

  • You provide a clear direction to our data architecture.

  • You have knowledge of and experience with data mesh architecture and know how to translate the benefits for Eneco.

Waarom kiezen voor Eneco?

Why choose Eneco? We want to accelerate the energy transition. With our ambitious ‘One Planet plan’, we have made it clear that by 2035, we aim to be the first energy company to become CO2-neutral. No more reliance on natural gas! The entire Netherlands is making the switch. Towards smarter, cleaner, and more sustainable energy. Everyone has their own reasons for doing so. Some want to contribute to a better climate, others switch because their neighbors are doing it, or because they find joy in saving energy, and we're doing it now!


At Eneco, we want to help everyone to take the next sustainable step. And we are looking for the best people who can make that possible. People who are enthusiastic about our mission of 'sustainable energy for everyone' and who want to further develop their talents at Eneco. We want everyone to be able to participate effortlessly in the energy transition. This can only happen if we better assist our customers, remove barriers for them to become more sustainable by listening and understanding their true needs.


Digital innovations help the market align supply and demand and make it as easy as possible for users. Data plays a crucial role in this. From the Data & Technology Services department, we are working to make Eneco a data-driven organization that bases its decisions and actions on customer, product, asset, and market data.

Dit ga je doen

In Data & Technology Services, the Data Services department is responsible for executing data projects for the Business and fueling the growth of data capabilities by acting as an incubator for the development of data products.

The data architecture is developed and maintained by the Enterprise Architect Data from Data Services. You will closely collaborate with Enterprise Architects, domain architects, and platform architects.


As an Enterprise Architect Data, you are responsible for designing, implementing, and managing a coherent and strategic data architecture for our organization. You play a crucial role in defining guidelines, standards, and best practices for data management and integration with the aim of optimizing collaboration between different business units through enterprise data technology. You work closely with internal stakeholders to ensure that our data architecture meets the organizational needs and leverages available technologies to the fullest.

Gaat dit over jou?

You can translate our objectives into data management. Moreover, you are proactive in helping to accelerate the energy transition. With your enthusiasm, you can bring various stakeholders on board regarding the importance of data architecture and the necessity of continually improving data management.


• At least 6 years of relevant work experience in an Architect role.

• Academic work and thinking level.

• Experience in data management, data governance, data integration, data retention, data vault, 3rd normal form, or dimensional modeling.

• Knowledge of various data platform architectures and associated concepts/components such as warehouse, data lake, data mesh, data fabric, and streaming solutions.

• Knowledge and experience with TOGAF and DAMA DMBOK, capabilities of data management tools, and cloud technologies.

Je bent verantwoordelijk voor

• Developing and maintaining the Eneco enterprise data architecture and the Eneco data strategy.

• Translating the business strategy (together with the enterprise architect) into the required data architecture.

• Establishing data architecture frameworks and guidelines.

• Translating business requirements into the necessary architecture building blocks, taking various data management aspects into account.

• Evaluating and selecting suitable technologies and tools to support the data architecture, considering scalability, security, and performance requirements.

• Staying up to date with the latest developments and trends in data architecture and applying this knowledge to advance the organization.

• Acting as a strategic sparring partner for the organization on data-related issues.

Dit worden je collega's

Data & Technology Services has multiple departments; the Data Services department has two teams - a Data Management Services team and a Data Product Services team. You will be part of the Data Management team, which helps the business to make it’s data fit for purpose. The Data Product Services team assists the business in using the various parts of the Enterprise Data Platform effectively to create customer and business value.

Dit hebben we te bieden

Werken bij Eneco is voor iedereen

Onze klanten zijn divers, en wijzelf ook. Ruim 4.000 Eneco-talenten zorgen voor een open, fijne cultuur waarin iedereen kan groeien en bloeien. Zo creëren we de ideale voedingsbodem voor creatieve inzichten en innovatieve oplossingen. En die kunnen we goed gebruiken om onze ambitieuze missie waar te maken: klimaatneutraal zijn in 2035. Weet je wat het leuke is? Van talent hebben we bij Eneco nooit genoeg. Dus laat van je horen en solliciteer. Samen met jou gaan we voor duurzaam.

Werken bij Eneco is voor iedereen
Samen naar klimaatneutraal

Werk dat werkt voor jou en het klimaat

Kies je voor een carrière bij Eneco, dan kies je voor ambitie, groei en kansen. Je krijgt alle ruimte om jezelf te ontwikkelen en het werk te doen zoals het bij jou past. Daar hoort ook een goede werk-privébalans bij. Je kunt je tijden flexibel indelen en deels thuiswerken als je functie dat toelaat. 

Zo werk je aan je eigen toekomst, maar óók aan die van de wereld. Want samen met je 4.000 collega’s ga je voor die ene grote missie: klimaatneutraal in 2035. We helpen klanten sneller verduurzamen, bedenken innovatieve oplossingen en pakken kansen met beide handen aan. Doe je mee?

Zo gaat het verder

Meer weten over deze functie?

Do you want to know more about this vacancy? Marcel van der Voort, our Manager Data Product Services, will be happy to answer your questions at 06 3401 9293. For more information about the recruitment process, please contact Marcha Crompvoets, Recruiter Data & Technology at: 06 2133 3824. 

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