Head of Enabling Technology

Solliciteer direct
  • Being part of a great team; Leading the digital transformation of Eneco
  • Making direct impact with customers on Eneco's climate neutral ambitions
  • Acting with a lot of mandate to set direction and deliver upon it

Why choose for Eneco?

As a leader in energy transition, Eneco has set an ambitious goal for 2035 - 15 years earlier than the global climate agreement: to be climate neutral as a company and with all customers! Growing as a company itself into a climate neutral organization is already a big job, but to also actively lead and guide all customers through the energy transition is an even bigger challenge! Meanwhile, these customers are changing rapidly. The climate issue is higher and higher on the agendas, especially due to the increasing visibility of the consequences in nature, and even more recently the high price of gas. And besides, every customer has a different issue, a different situation and therefore often a different route in mind.

What you’ll do

As Head of Enabling Technology you translate and implement the strategic goals of the Data & Technology Services to Enabling Technology, and lead the realization of the plans and goals. In more detail you will be responsible for full 24/7 secure OT / IT operations, generic IT services and groupwide enabling technology platforms (e.g Low-code, Data, Integration). Within your own area of expertise you will also be responsible for transcending business domains: Customer B2C, Customer B2B, Assets & Energy Integration and Support.

You will co-create the infrastructure strategy from an enterprise point-of-view with our external partners. In doing so, you will identify collective and individual future development needs in generic IT, IT/OT infrastructure and enabling technology platforms (e.g. harmonization opportunities), and drive the transformation. You spot innovations within enabling technology platforms and feed the business technology and digital departments with relevant opportunities.

In this role your result responsibility will be as follows:

  • Span of control 80 - 100 FTE
  • Stakeholder (local business directors and board members) feedback and satisfaction
  • Quality and amount of implemented enterprise-wide enabling technology platforms
  • Cost reductions & standardizations of enabling technologies (technology , capabilities & partners)
  • Uptime IT/OT infrastructure
  • Protection coverage of critical systems / sensitive information (e.g. secured access, data encryption, attack isolation)
  • Total spend for discovering and responding to the digital attack
  • Resolution time digital attack.

Is this about you?

You work together as one team to deliver on one mission. In doing so, you are proactive in helping to accelerate the energy transition. You create space to exchange insights and opinions with colleagues and take responsibility to contribute to the common plan.
  • A Master's degree in computer science or related (technical) discipline.
  • 15+ years of relevant experience in the working field of IT Operations.
  • Proven experience in developing and implementing 24/7 IT and OT, generic IT services and enabling technology platforms platforms (e.g Low-code, Data, Integration) in a challenging environment.
  • Proven knowledge of recent and modern business technology for utilities, energy or natural resources.
  • Proven people management experience and being able to empower teams.
  • Strong analytical thinking & problem-solving skills.
  • Exceptional project management & organizational skills.

You also bring: 

  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Strong stakeholder management skills
  • Excellent business case writing
  • Strong verbal, written and presentation and communication skills
  • English professional working proficiency

You’ll be responsible for

Generic IT and IT/OT Operations

  • Lead the development & maintenance of the enterprise-wide generic IT and IT/OT infrastructure in a cost effective, risk aware manner.
  • Lead the operations of the full 24/7 secure OT and IT infrastructure.
  • Lead the delivery of related (strategic) projects and programs across countries.
  • Lead the optimization, discovering ability and protection coverage of critical systems and sensitive information to digital attacks.
  • Ensure adequate control of information security to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of services delivered.
  • Identify potential risks in the implementation and ensures the implementation and monitoring of the risk policy.
  • Establish strong habitual risk and compliance management practices in the organization.
  • Act as overall owner of generic IT and IT/OT Operations. 

Enabling platforms

  • Lead the development & maintenance of the enterprise-wide enabling technology platforms (e.g Low-code, Data, Integration) that improve engineering processes and meet business platform requirements in a cost effective, risk aware manner.
  • Lead the delivery of related (strategic) projects and programs across countries.
  • Ensure alignment of the enabling technology departments with the needs of the business technology platforms.
  • Identify potential risks in the implementation and ensures the implementation and monitoring of the risk policy.
  • Establish strong habitual risk and compliance management practices in the organization
  • Shares knowledge on best-practices on platform onboarding to D&TS teams as well as business teams
  • Act as overall platform owner of enabling technology platforms.

Stakeholder management

  • Act as "trusted advisor" to D&TS leadership on secure IT/OT, generic IT services and enabling technologies.
  • Build close relationships with local business directors, D&TS heads and strategic (technology) partners.
  • Drive leaders to balance trade-offs between speed to market, cost, risk and quality.
  • Prioritize and plan developments, and manage conflicts between priorities as required.

Financial and lifecycle management

  • Carry out lifecycle management on all generic IT, IT/OT infrastructure and enabling technology platforms.
  • Manage the (contractual) operations with related technology partners.
  • Drive down the TCO of all generic IT, IT/OT infrastructure and enabling technology platforms technology services whilst meeting the business capability requirements.
  • Proactively propose initiatives to the business and D&TS leadership to increase the cost efficiency of delivery and maintenance of enabling technologies.
  • Direct the execution partner contracts to ensure the quality and delivery of services according to SLA's/contracts and according to business demands.
  • Connect out lifecycle management and investments with regard to our platform/ products and projects into solid administration and financial processes within Eneco.


  • Set goals, monitors benefits/quality and secure results and goals for the teams
  • Optimize individual performance and ensures continuous development, professional behaviour, and positive, inclusive and safe working atmosphere.
  • Ensure the right capabilities are recruited and ensures continuous development, professionalism and a good working atmosphere.
  • As technical heavyweight you function as a sparring partner for the heads/tech leads in enabling the business & D&TS teams.
  • Monitor the performance of partners, suppliers and vendors, leads where necessary and share insights with Head of Ecosystems.


This is where you’ll work

The modern digital consumer wants fast, seamless and relevant contact with every supplier and therefore also with Eneco. To excel in this dynamic environment, we also change ourselves continuously on a regular basis. The IT functions are delivered from two closely operating units: Digital & Technology. Working together to transform Eneco into a successful Digital first Energy company driving the energy transition. In the Technology department Data & Technology Services we take ownership for the Data, Integration/Orchestration, Core Applications, Enabling Platforms, IT Infrastructure and corresponding Tactical Partner management. Together with the various business departments of Eneco Group, we work hard to find the right solutions and offerings to best support the energy transition and thus achieve our goals

What we have to offer

Gross year salary of
between €91.000 and €147.000

Including 8% holiday allowance, a good pension and parental leave.

FlexBudget on top of
your gross salary

Have it paid out, use it to buy extra holiday days or save it up for something nice - it's up to you.

Personal and professional growth

Eneco is fully committed to help you in your personal and professional development.

Hybrid working, at home or in the office

You work 40% at the office and 40% at home. The other day you decide what works best for you.

Working at Eneco is for everyone

Our customers are diverse, and so are we. More than 3,000 Eneco-talents ensure an open, pleasant culture in which everyone can grow and thrive. In this way we create the ideal situation for creative insights and innovative solutions. And we can use that to achieve our ambitious mission: to be climate neutral by 2035. You know what the fun is? We can never have enough talent at Eneco. So get in touch and apply. 

Werken bij Eneco is voor iedereen
Samen naar klimaatneutraal

Together towards climate neutrality

Ask a colleague about our joint mission and you will hear it again and again: Eneco wants to be climate neutral by 2035. Everyone works together to realize this ambition. We help customers switch to sustainable energy with good advice and smart, affordable products. We develop wind farms, install large solar roofs and invest in heat networks. We see opportunities everywhere. Are you in?

This is how the application procedure goes

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Would you like to learn more about this vacancy? Folkert Reitsma, our Director CIO, will be happy to answer your questions via: +31 (0) 6 52 08 65 45. For more information about the recruitment process, please reach out to Marcha Crompvoets, Corporate Recruiter IT via +31 (0)6 - 21 33 38 24.

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