• You will work on beautiful analytical challenges in the dynamic energy market;
  • You will be at the heart of Eneco, right between production, sales and trading;
  • You contribute to accelerating the energy transition.

Why choose for Eneco?

We work hard every day to make our slogan - sustainable energy for everyone - a reality. With more than 2,000 colleagues, we help millions of consumers and companies make the switch to sustainable energy with smart, sustainable, affordable products and services - from generation to trading and from storage to sharing and delivery. We're also one of the largest investors in developing wind farms, large solar roofs, and heat networks. Invest in your own future while building the future of energy. Do it now. At Eneco Energy Trade, you'll find a unique combination of time, place, and opportunity. The media is only focused on the energy transition and how the war in Ukraine is changing everything. But change has always been part of Eneco's DNA. We're facing an unprecedented challenge in accelerating sustainability. We want to be climate neutral by 2035. How can you help build a zero-emission future? Join us to give your ideas a voice.

What you’ll do

If Eneco Energy Trade is the heart of Eneco, Portfolio Management is the team where all of our flows converge. It's where analysts and portfolio managers use mathematical models to predict opportunities and risks in Eneco's gas, electricity, and certificate portfolio. Do the maths for offshore wind farm development projects, draft hedging strategies, and negotiate insurance products. Close complex deals with major clients and work with traders to bring energy flows to the wholesale market, today and tomorrow. Optimize the balance between energy sources and sales channels, with a focus on the transition to renewable energy -  in a volatile market that constantly knocked off balance by current events.

Connect customer demand to assets and vice versa. You have a complete overview of Eneco's opportunities and risks, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between buying and selling in an extremely volatile market. Unleash prediction, valuation, pricing, and smart calculation models on returns from assets, energy flow buys, and sales channels. Eneco is investing in sustainable energy and will phase out the last gas-fired power stations in 2035. You're part of making these business cases a reality. Because of you, the board can make the right decisions in the accelerated energy transition.

Optimize the balance between energy sources and sales channels, with a focus on the transition to sustainable energy -  in a market that's continuously knocked off balance by current events Analysts and portfolio managers use models to predict opportunities and risks for Eneco's portfolio: gas, electricity, and green certificates. Join development projects for offshore wind farms, craft hedging strategies, and develop insurance products. Help commercial dealmakers close complex deals with major clients and work with traders to bring energy flows to the wholesale market, now and in the future.

Is this about you?

You have experienced a rapid learning curve and can quickly master new environments and situations through thorough analysis. You have guts, a high energy level, a positive attitude and power to execute. So you can achieve the intended objectives in an ever faster changing organization.

You know that in the dynamic energy market changes are the order of the day. That calls for a drive for innovation. You want to move forward and always go for better. This is also reflected in your work. You tackle and do. You work smarter, innovatively, and you challenge your business partners and colleagues to do the same. You can perform your work at the highest level because you:

  • Have completed an academic education;
  • Have minimal 5 years of relevant working experience;
  • Are analytically strong and have modeling skills;
  • Preferably speak German;
  • Have the professional skills to structure, coordinate and improve business critical processes.
  • Possess entrepreneurial drives. You are results-oriented, competitive, creative and agile;
  • Demonstrate personal leadership. By this we mean: gaining the confidence and taking responsibility with the result that you actively seek the thrill (opportunities and risks) and still know how to create calm. You are assertive.

You’ll be responsible for

  • As Portfolio Manager you are responsible for Eneco's energy portfolio.
  • You make business cases and models for the valuation of the commodity flows from our assets and external structured deals such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).
  • You report on the positions, Mark-to-Market (MtM) and P&L on your portfolio and ensure the operational implementation needed for this.
  • You will be responsible for hedging strategies and the design of structured deals.
  • You are P&L responsible for your portfolio where you will get a bonus over depending on results and performance.

This is where you’ll work

Eneco Energy Trade employs around 150 colleagues at the heart of the organisation. Where energy supply and demand converge. Where we bundle our own and external energy flows and make sure there's enough energy to meet demand. The international team includes several divisions: Sourcing & Pricing, Trading, Portfolio Optimization, Structuring & Orginiation, Business Development, Energy Operations & IT Management.

Start as Senior Portfolio manager at Portfolio Optimization. This team of 12 highly qualified colleagues are looking forward to meeting you. From day one, you'll feel a sense of confidence in your expertise and the freedom to seize opportunities. With legendary summer and winter events, an annual ski trip with plenty of après-ski action, monthly escape rooms, karaoke sessions, and spontaneous get-togethers, you'll really become part of the family.

Choose when you want to work in our bright, modern office in Rotterdam-Alexandrium, a two-minute walk from the metro and train station, and when you'd prefer to work from home

What we have to offer

Gross year salary of
between €80.000 and €123.000

Including 8% holiday allowance, a good pension and parental leave.

FlexBudget on top of
your gross salary

Have it paid out, use it to buy extra holiday days or save it up for something nice - it's up to you.

Personal and professional growth

Eneco is fully committed to help you in your personal and professional development.

Hybrid working, at home or in the office

You work 40% at the office and 40% at home. The other day you decide what works best for you.

Working at Eneco is for everyone

Our customers are diverse, and so are we. More than 3,000 Eneco-talents ensure an open, pleasant culture in which everyone can grow and thrive. In this way we create the ideal situation for creative insights and innovative solutions. And we can use that to achieve our ambitious mission: to be climate neutral by 2035. You know what the fun is? We can never have enough talent at Eneco. So get in touch and apply. 

Werken bij Eneco is voor iedereen
Samen naar klimaatneutraal

Together towards climate neutrality

Ask a colleague about our joint mission and you will hear it again and again: Eneco wants to be climate neutral by 2035. Everyone works together to realize this ambition. We help customers switch to sustainable energy with good advice and smart, affordable products. We develop wind farms, install large solar roofs and invest in heat networks. We see opportunities everywhere. Are you in?

This is how the application procedure goes

Want to know more about this job function?

Would you like to know more about this vacancy? Jérôme Cüsters, our Manager EET Portfolio Optimisation will be happy to answer your questions on 06-14678337.

For more information about the application process please call Jack Deng, our Corporate Recruiter on 0619907445.

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Questions about the application procedure

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