Digital Platform Manager

Digital Platform Manager
Contribute to the energy transition
Make impact on customers by improving the customer journeys and interaction
Focus on international scalable platforms for Eneco Group

Why choose for Eneco?

Why choose for Eneco?

We want to accelerate the energy transition and help everyone to be able to participate effortlessly. This is only possible if we help customers even better then we do now. Removing barriers for them to become more sustainable by listening and knowing what the customer really needs. As a leader in the energy transition, Eneco is the first to deal with new sustainable energy sources and new ways of energy storage and energy management. At the same time, our customers situation is also changing at a rapid pace. The digital consumer wants quick, seamless and relevant contact. In order to excel in this dynamic environment, we also change ourselves regularly.

What are you going to do?

What are you going to do?

As Digital Platform Manager you are responsible for the Digital Experience platform and the digital channels of Eneco. There lays a major change task around transforming the technology of the DXP and the digital channels so that they support an end-to-end way-of-working as much as possible and to make them internationally and multibrand applicable.

You are responsible for:

You are responsible for:
  • Making a plan to transform the Digital Channels (Eneco, Oxxio, Woonenergy: web, app, my environment, conversational) and related digital platforms towards target architecture within time and budget. Target is to realize an efficient, international scalable set up, with reusable components that is capable of delivering a sublime customer experience over all channels;
  • Supporting the implementation of the new end-to-end way-of-working in value streams together with the Customer Organization;
  • Attracting digital talent and build a team, in which we get a good balance between internal and external employees;
  • Managing and development of the employees of the digital channel department who must deliver business value in joint teams with the Customer Organization;
  • Manage the partnerships with our suppliers in the digital domain;
  • Manage the relation with Eneco's international business units in relation to the DXP.

What do you bring?

What do you bring?
You work together as one team to deliver on one mission. In doing so, you are proactive in helping to accelerate the energy transition. You create space to exchange insights and opinions with colleagues and take responsibility for contributing to the joint plan.
  • You have a vision on digitization and innovations in the digital interaction domain;
  • You have knowledge of recent and modern applied architectures, techniques, methodologies, products like Sitecore and services. This means continuing education in these areas;
  • You have focus, guts and execution power and you don't rest before issues are resolved. You know how to achieve the intended objectives in an International organization that is constantly changing;
  • Strong presentation skills. You master the English language in word and writing; In addition, you are honest, you take initiative and you can create good support among stakeholders;
  • You are able to attract and develop the right talent and thus strengthen Eneco's digital capability;
  • You have at least 5 years of experience in the digital interaction domain. And at least 3 years management experience of agile teams.

Where are you going to work?

Hello! This is your team

Digital Solutions (division under the Business Technology Organization) is responsible for realizing the technology platforms and building blocks to facilitate end-2-end teams in realizing an unique User Experience across all channels and developing technological building blocks for new digital services and products for consumers and SMEs. The focus is to set up solutions for Eneco Group that can be applied multibrand and internationally. The Digital Platform Manager is member of the Digital Solutions management team. He / she works closely with the Value stream / Product Owners in the Customer Organization and managers of Eneco's Business Technology Organization. Eneco is rapidly changing from an organization with legacy systems to a modern landscape with data and AI-driven services and processes.  Digital Transformations is making an important contribution to Eneco's digital transformation. They challenge the status quo in the areas of strategy, technology, processes and organization and ensure that change is adopted within the organization. They are responsible for shaping the technical roadmap and attracting the right talent to realize this roadmap.

What do we have to offer?

  • What do we offer:

  • A competitive salary with great benefits
  • You will receive a benefit budget of 13,811% of your gross salary, incl. holiday allowance
  • A bonus with a maximum of 14% of your gross annual salary
  • A challenging position in which you can develop yourself

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