Datawarehouse Engineer

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  • You will become part of the frontrunner in the energy transition, where you contribute to a more sustainable future by building on the growth and development of Eneco’s integration platforms.

  • You know how to transform data models into workable solutions for the business.

  • You will implement the desired Data & Analytics solution(s) that will be realized on our state-of-the-art data platform.

Why choose for Eneco?

Why choose Eneco? We want to accelerate the energy transition. With our ambitious ‘One Planet plan’, we have made it clear that by 2035, we aim to be the first energy company to become CO2-neutral. No more reliance on natural gas! The entire Netherlands is making the switch. Towards smarter, cleaner, and more sustainable energy. Everyone has their own reasons for doing so. Some want to contribute to a better climate, others switch because their neighbors are doing it, or because they find joy in saving energy, and we're doing it now!

At Eneco, we want to help everyone to take the next sustainable step. And we are looking for the best people who can make that possible. People who are enthusiastic about our mission of 'sustainable energy for everyone' and who want to further develop their talents at Eneco. We want everyone to be able to participate effortlessly in the energy transition. This can only happen if we better assist our customers, remove barriers for them to become more sustainable by listening and understanding their true needs.

Digital innovations help the market align supply and demand and make it as easy as possible for users. Data plays a crucial role in this. From the Data & Technology Services department, we are working to make Eneco a data-driven organization that bases its decisions and actions on customer, product, asset, and market data.

What you’ll do

In Data & Technology Services, the Data Product Services department is responsible for executing data projects for the Business and fueling the growth of data capabilities by acting as an incubator for the development of data products.

As Data Warehouse Engineer you will create and maintain data warehouses on our Snowflake platform. You work closely with other teams in Data Product Services to realize and maintain Data vault models and data marts.

Is this about you?

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience as a Data Warehouse Engineer
  • Has deep understanding of data models, meta data driven generation of Data Vaults, Data Marts
  • Experience with DevOps way of work and willing to work after business hours
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with the application of data concepts, data models and data warehouse concepts
  • Proficiency in SQL, Python, or other relevant programming languages.
  • Excellent communication skills and good command of the Dutch and English language, spoken and written
  • Relevant certifications (e.g., Snowflake, Azure) are a plus

You’ll be responsible for

  • Responsible for the full life cycle of the back-end development of the business’s data vaults as well as development of ETL processes, performance administration, and dimensional designing of the table structures.
  • Incorporating a DevOps approach by seamlessly integrating with Azure DevOps to ensure a streamlined development, testing, and deployment process.
  • Implementing robust security measures within Snowflake, Azure DevOps, Collibra, and Data Vault to protect sensitive information and adhere to data governance standards.

This is where you’ll work

Data & Technology Services has multiple departments; the Data Services department has two teams - a Data Management Services team and a Data Product Services team. You will be part of the Data Product Services team that assist the business in using the various parts of the Enterprise Data Platform effectively to create customer and business value.

What we have to offer

Gross year salary of
between €55.000 and €78.000

Including 8% holiday allowance, a good pension and parental leave.

FlexBudget on top of
your gross salary

Have it paid out, use it to buy extra holiday days or save it up for something nice - it's up to you.

Personal and professional growth

Eneco is fully committed to help you in your personal and professional development.

Hybrid working, at home or in the office

You work 40% at the office and 40% at home. The other day you decide what works best for you.

Working at Eneco is for everyone

Our customers are diverse, and so are we. More than 3,000 Eneco-talents ensure an open, pleasant culture in which everyone can grow and thrive. In this way we create the ideal situation for creative insights and innovative solutions. And we can use that to achieve our ambitious mission: to be climate neutral by 2035. You know what the fun is? We can never have enough talent at Eneco. So get in touch and apply. 

Werken bij Eneco is voor iedereen
Samen naar klimaatneutraal

Together towards climate neutrality

Ask a colleague about our joint mission and you will hear it again and again: Eneco wants to be climate neutral by 2035. Everyone works together to realize this ambition. We help customers switch to sustainable energy with good advice and smart, affordable products. We develop wind farms, install large solar roofs and invest in heat networks. We see opportunities everywhere. Are you in?

This is how the application procedure goes

Want to know more about this job function?

We understand that you may want to gather more information before taking the next step in your career. Whether you have questions about the interview process, the specific duties and responsibilities of the role, or if you're simply curious about our company culture, we are here to answer all your queries.

  • Curious about this job opportunity at Eneco? Marcel van der Voort - Manager Data Product Services would be happy to answer your questions via 06 3401 9293.
  • If you want more details about the application process, we invite you to get in touch with our recruiter Mark van Dommelen.

We do not wish to collaborate with external parties for filling this position.

Questions about the application procedure

Feel free to contact our recruiter:

Mark van Dommelen


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